Why Are We Not Onboard on Electric Cars?

Since Tesla came to market there has been a lot of coverage on the new about electric powered cars. And while a lot of us understand that we need to do something about global warming not everyone is onboard with electric powered vehicles. If have two ounces of brain you understand that electric powered cars need to get charged. More often than not this electricity comes from nuclear powered plants. Something many of those on the left are opposed to. There is more to how about our comfort? Things like personalization, car radio, auto security, and more.

I contacted one of the top rated store for car alarm installation Miami and ended up in visiting Car-Alarm-Miami.Com in Miami, Fl. There Al explained to me that in the 3 decades they have been in business, they have never seen an electric powered cars. They have deal with golf carts but no electric powered cars. Also how about car stereo? The reality is that the majority of electric vehicles have a half ass car stereo system. In many cases entry level cars like Altimas and Chevy 1500 have better sounding car audio systems they electric powered vehicles costing many times more. However, we decided Don Scott at Car-Alarm-Miami.Com, a leading provider of car stereo installation in Miami, about getting a good sounding system installed in an electric ride. The noted that although electric vehicles run on batteries, these are normally a very high voltage making them useless in regards to powering a high power auto sound system.

There’re many other areas where electric cars continue to disappoint American consumers. The most obvious is driving distance. Regardless of the brand BMW or Ford all electric powered vehicles are limited to the driving distance between charges that his father aggregated by the fact that charging requires anything between four and ten hours.I guess you can say that just like golf carts electric powered vehicles have a place in our world what percentage it is still to be determined. A great number of policies and technologies that are common throughout places like India have had very little or no success in the USA. As a matter of fact no one in the world does NASCAR like we do in the states. At the end of the day perhaps decades from today we may also realize that electric powered vehicles are not ideal for US consumers. We also have to realize that we have to curve the amount of pollutants we put into the air and if electric vehicles are not the best options for American consumers perhaps we should to take a second look at hydrogen powered cars. It is with my mechanical engineering that I say that there are much better options than electric vehicles. The issue is that is that they not favored by the liberal media therefore many families does not have all the facts before making the decision of purchasing a electric vehicles. In just a few words they are being told that electric powered vehicles is all that is available and that that is what they have to buy and that is 1000% wrong.

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