The Basics of Dog Care

Buying a dog brings with it the responsibility of caring for the dog also. In return for the loyalty and security that the dog provides the home of yours with you’ve to take care of its well being and health – an unspoken arrangement that needs to be understood by each owner. Today, the real task of dog care can be broadly divided into 5 headings.

Water and food

Although most owners don’t know it, the health and well being of a puppy is crucially dependent on its diet. Simply stuffing the dog with a lot of food and meat (as some do) will not ensure its good health. Different breeds of dog have different food requirements. Hence, it is the very first task in dog care to consult a vet about the diet which is ideal for the dog you own, and stick with it.

Moreover, you need to make it a point to stick to a rigid schedule of meal timings, and reduce snacking for the dog to a minimum. In the case of water, always make sure that there’s water kept in a trough at any point of the day – teach the dog of yours to drink water from it. Drinking plenty of water is just right for dogs too.


The shelter type you give your dog is also vital part of care. If you decide to maintain your dog indoors, it’s essential that you give it a proper spot to sleep and ensure that’s comfortable, cozy, and clean. Make sure that your dog sleeps on its own bed regularly.

In case you build a doghouse for your dog, then you have to take care it is thoroughly clean, dry, well ventilated, protected from the elements, and that it remains hot in winters. Try and never hold the dog holed up in the dog house at all times – they like company and become thin and morose when they are kept in isolation.

Visits to the Vet

This too is vital in dog care, especially in the puppy stage. See the dog of yours all the immunization shots required and don’t hesitate to drop by the vet on noticing any irregularities in behavior. It might probably be an infection that is causing the dog discomfort.


You also have to groom your dog properly for it to remain healthy. This involves regular baths, nail clipping, regular brushing of the coat, ear care, teeth and gum care. A well groomed dog is a pleasure to have around the house.

Exercise: Walks and Runs

Taking your dog out there for a walk and/or a run daily can have a great positive impact on its health. It is going to increase its appetite, regularize bowel movements, and keep your dog fit. Thus, you can’t pay for to ignore this in the context of dog care.


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