Is Your Lightsaber The Supreme Movie Weapon?

Nobody can deny the Star Wars film franchise shifted how movies were created eternally. The vision that George Lucas had (I think that it’s long since gone) raised the bar for films everywhere but particularly for anyone hoping to or even considering making science fiction films.

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Oddly enough another huge blockbuster that year proved to be a nuclear apocalypse film named Damnation Alley that was fairly seminal because of the own time. However, when you contrasted the effects, script and only the total movie to the first Star Wars it is difficult to comprehend or think at which 20th Century Fox spent $17 million bucks – Star Wars seems like it cost roughly $170 million compared. There were many reasons for Damnation Alley appearing so poor in comparison and the majority of the harm was completed post-production – ai not that always the way?

However back to Star Wars before I completely drift off the topic. There have been very few films in the history of theatre which have experienced such a deep and long-lasting influence on the entertainment market. Also examine the merchandising that followed the launch of these films – it required this component of film promotion and business profits to a completely different level.

And among the biggest merchandising strikes were that the lightsabers that struck the marketplace to fulfill the need from children everywhere to their replica lightsaber. The first efforts were fairly bad but after a great deal of tweaking and testing Master Replicas eventually got it right when they chased the Force FX lightsaber and also the inexpensive knock-offs died a quick death.

However, what left the lightsaber such a favorite toy? There were numerous other Star Wars toys to select from in the end. The lightsaber took the sword into a completely different level and gave it a completely new lease of life from the films.

The coolness factor of this lightsaber and that which set it apart from some other sci-fi weapon we had noticed before was by using the Force that the lightsaber became the extension of you – you and the weapon behave as one; that naturally has leanings towards the legends surrounding Samurai warriors. It required ability to use a lightsaber and in ways you’d had to be born to wield one with any type of advanced degree of ability.

There has been no weapon as, in almost any sci-fi film I can think about, which has come near the lightsaber concerning producing utter amazement in an audience.

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