Yellow Pages = To Be or Not to Be

It must be that time of the year! Yellow Page renewal. My customers are asking if advertising in the Yellow Pages is a reasonable expenditure of the market budget.

Sadly my answer has been “I do not understand”! Not because I can not commit to a determination; but because there is not sufficient info to create a decision.

If you are thinking about Yellow Pages, this article can help bust any truths that have been produced by era old marketing tool known as the Yellow Pages or Yellow Book, and the other entire knockoffs on the market!

Because the Yellow Pages have existed as long, the myth is that you need to promote in them – doesn’t everyone? This myth becomes exaggerated by believing the only way to win the Yellow Page war is using a complete page ad. You’ve only entered the20,000 yellow page black hole!

Would you spend $20,000 without understanding what the speed of yield will be? Before taking the20,000 dip – know your facts. Drill down a bit to gain critical marketing data and record those finding.Image result for Yellow Pages

Then when it is time to rekindle; you can print out a record which tells you that you received five new customers from your Yellow page ad with an average purchase of $100. Unless you can get an advertisement for $50, you might only want to pass on Yellow Pages all together!

Other factors that need to be considered are:

Type of Business – If you are in a top relationship company like business solutions, Yellow Pages may not work the right for you. Your client is more inclined to research you on the web to best determine if you are a fantastic fit for them. Hard to do this on a Yellow Page static ad

Customer Profiles – Yes I stated profiles! You need to segment your customers into buying profiles. This group is texting, surfing, IMing, and blogging – they aren’t letting their fingers do the walking!

It seems like I am down on lespages jaunes advertising. Not whatsoever. It has its place and may be your best source of prospects. You simply need to examine all the facts and not hold on to the myths.