Can WhatsApp Obstacle Skype With Its New Features?

Throughout the last few years, WhatsApp has emerged as the front-runner in a bunch of messaging apps that are bent on dethroning Skype. After their acquisition by Facebook, they have introduced a slew of attributes in a bid to develop into a more complete mobile messaging solution.

The WhatsApp iOS program has just launched new features such as the capability to archive conversations, add captions to attached pictures and a few new backgrounds for the program as well. While the majority of these attributes have long been around the Android platform, a number of them are exclusive to iOS like the capability to split the slow-motion videos which may be created using the iPhone 5S. Users can also trim the movie down to a manageable span from in the program itself.

So far, female phone numbers have just managed to tell if a message has been delivered to the receiver’s apparatus with a double tick mark in gray. Currently blue tick marks may appear to indicate the message has been read. While some users protested about the intrusion of privacy, others welcomed it as many other platforms offer this feature as well.

Regardless of these upgrades, WhatsApp still has quite a ways to go to catch up with Skype in two key areas: voice/video calling along with a desktop app. For millions of non-tech savvy customers, Skype is the”go to” application if they want to speak to others online. Though WhatsApp had announced that it would start VoIP calling, it has not occurred even as rivals such as Google and Apple have integrated it in their respective platforms.

Another reason for the popularity of Skype would be the availability of the app for most conceivable platforms such as PC. Thus far, WhatsApp has remained restricted to the mobile world which is quickly turning into a handicap, though it was partly the reason for the program’s meteoric rise to fame. For all those users whose job requires them to spend the majority of the day before the computers, a desktop program is sorely required.

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