Bathroom Vanities – Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Home

Bathroom vanities have been associated with luxury and style, and these days there is a huge selection of elegant bathroom vanity furniture available, which makes it easy to give your bathroom a stunning new image. Bath vanities come in plenty of different styles, from people that have a sink in the counter top and a cupboard underneath, to decoratively presented dressing tables. Which type you choose depends not only on your personal tastes, but the layout and size of your toilet.

A bathroom vanity with an upholstered stool or seat may look very attractive in bigger bathrooms. Alternately, a nicely chosen toilet sink vanity might help give a sense of grandeur to bathrooms where space is constrained. Polished wood such as aged walnut or cherry, can look great in an antique themed or period home. For a country style or rustic toilet, distressed or hand painted designs may compliment the décor perfectly. There are also numerous sleek and modern bathroom vanities for contemporary homes.

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Being able to save your beauty products in a vanity cabinet or display your cologne bottles in a table top tray is a really convenient luxury. In case you choose to go for a sink vanity unit, then you may choose from a selection of durable and attractive vanity tops which can stand up to years of everyday use. Choices include marble, granite and glass. Vanity sets typically include all of the European tiles matching accessories you’ll need, or you may purchase items such as mirrors and lights individually. Whatever your decorating budget and theme, a few new vanity furniture may be the icing on the cake for the bathroom’s makeover!

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